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September 2002 Photos

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Images on this page provided by Lord Armand Dragonetti.

ted02-008.jpg 4.0Kted02-002.jpg 4.0K At left, His Excellency Baron Daniel watches closely as the final round begins. At right, Sir Badon(l) in the round robin final faces Lord Tomas(r).

ted02-009.jpg 4.3Kted02-010.jpg 4.1K Sir Badon next faced Lord William de Moley, as Sir Randall marshaled. Watching closely from the pavilion is Sir Romanius, His Majesty Patrick Michael, HE Sir Ulsted and Baron Niklas. After a long, intense bout, Lord William emerged victorious as Elfsea's titled Defender.

ted02-011.jpg 4.2K

His Majesty Patrick Michael, stepped out to offer congratulations to His squire, Lord William.

ted02-013.jpg 4.7Kted02-018.jpg 4.3K Wonderful chivalry and prowess was also seen during the boffer tournament. At right, honorable victories and courtesy in defeat marked this excellent tournament.

ted02-020.jpg 4.4Kted02-019.jpg 4.0K The youth tournament was just as much fun for the spectators as the competitors. Notice the marshal at left vicariously guiding a blow. :-) At right, Her Majesty, Queen Julia enjoying the boffer tournament up close.

ted02-015.jpg 3.9Kted02-022.jpg 4.1K On the left, King Patrick Michael speaks with Sir Romanius. While on the right, His Excellency Baron Daniel and Master Modius no doubt discussing details of evening court.

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