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Images on this page provided by Lord Armand Dragonetti.

ted02-049.jpg 4.3Kted02-050.jpg 3.6K Lady Genvieve listened intently as she fought back tears of joy and unbearable excitement. Symbolizing their union, the bride and groom light the Unity candle together.

ted02-053.jpg 4.0Kted02-055.jpg 4.4K After a long pause following the pronouncement, the groom is told he may kiss the bride. Turning to face their friends and family, Lady Genvieve and Lord Seamus, present themselves as man and wife.

ted02-056.jpg 4.2Kted02-057.jpg 4.0K At left, Man and wife depart with style and grace. On the right, "Let the celebrations begin!"

ted02-060.jpg 5.2Kted02-061.jpg 5.0K One more joyful kiss. At right, friends and family quickly surrounded the happy couple.

ted02-027.jpg 4.2Kted02-028.jpg 4.5K At left are several of the lovely ladies in attendance. On the right, is Lady Ameline du Bois, Lord Armand Dragonetti, Austin and Alexander of Elfsea. Photo courtesy of HL Robin de Shealladh.

ted02-064.jpg 5.1Kted02-058.jpg 6.2K At left there's Lord Timothy of Glastinbury and Lady Anezka. On the right, Lady Anezka and Alexander.

ted02-112.jpg 2.6Kted02-117.jpg 2.2K Later that evening, Count Mahdi sponsored a Pas de Armes in honor of the newlyweds.

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