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Images on this page provided by Lord Armand Dragonetti.

ted02-030.jpg 4.1Kted02-033.jpg 4.2K On the left, Sir Kief av Kiersted heralded in the groom, Seamus O' Dubdah. On the right, Seamus and his groomsmen await the bride.

ted02-034.jpg 4.2Kted02-035.jpg 4.2K Singing "Love of Mine", HL Brigit O'Shaughnessey preceded the bride. On the right, Here comes the bride, Lady Genvieve de Lioncourt, escorted by His Majesty, King Patrick Michael.

ted02-036.jpg 4.6Kted02-037.jpg 4.1K The bride's maids, Lady Rixende, Lady Anezka and Lady ?, and the ring bearer, Alexander, also processed in clearing the way for the bride. On the right, His Majesty presents a radiant Lady Genvieve.

ted02-038.jpg 4.2Kted02-039.jpg 3.8K On the left, the King is informed that the groom is not a Lord of the realm. His Majesty refuses to allow Lady Genvieve to marry below her station, and subsequently bestows an Award of Arms on Seamus on the spot. Vivat, Lord Seamus!

ted02-040.jpg 4.0Kted02-042.jpg 3.8K Lady Genvieve thanks the King for his kindness and saving her from a fate worse than ...... common. Ordained in the State of Texas, Lord Daire de Hoya officiated at these proceedings.

ted02-043.jpg 3.4Kted02-044.jpg 3.5K An excited crowd remained standing throughout the ceremony. On the right, the dowry was provided.

ted02-045.jpg 3.7Kted02-048.jpg 4.1K At left, the dowry was deemed acceptable. The couple looked lovely as they exchanged their vows.

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