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Images in this section provided by Lord Armand Dragonetti.

ted02-084.jpg 4.7Kted02-082.jpg 4.3K Members of Elfsea's Order of the Azure Keystone were called and gathered before Their Excellencies. They replied "No, Your Excellency!" when asked if their Order was complete. HL Elizabeth Hawkwood and Lord Polydore Pike were then called into court. 

ted02-090.jpg 4.1K

And were most appropriately named the newest members of the Order of the Azure Keystone. 

Images in this section provided by Duke Jean Richard.

ted02-092.jpg 4.0Kted02-094.jpg 4.4K Lord Armand was already on stage capturing images of Polydore and Elizabeth receiving Keystones, when he himself was called before Their Excellencies. (Thank you to Duke Richard for taking these images.) Baron Daniel presented an *actual* keystone to Armand as the herald read his name as the newest member of the Order.

ted02-095.jpg 4.1Kted02-096.jpg 4.5K An empathetic King Patrick Michael inquired as to what Armand had done to deserve such treatment and wondered if he had a place for such an award. Glancing back at Baron Daniel, Lord Armand assured His Majesty he had a *good* idea. I always suspected that membership within the Order of the Azure Keystone would bring a heavy burden, but I had no idea it would be so immediate.....or literal. 

ted02-097.jpg 4.3Kted02-100.jpg 3.1K Armand, soon to be known as stretch, hefted his 26lb award out of court. Sincerest of  Thank You's  to Duke Richard for capturing a memorable moment for Lord Armand.

Images in this section again provided by Lord Armand.

ted02-107.jpg 4.2Kted02-108.jpg 3.5K In the presence of several friends, Master Karl de Ganger announced his affiliation as foster Pelican for HL Raimond. Master Karl commented on his fortunes with such affiliations. Remarking that all of his protégés were well on their way to peerage long before making affiliations with him.

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