Coronation XLII
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The First Reign of Their Majesties
Alric & Kayleigh Drake

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The King's Champion Tournament

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Final Court of Daffydd & Octavia

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1st Coronation of Alric & Kayleigh

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King Alric & Queen Kayleigh's
First Court

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Photos on this page by Lord Pieter Rausch and Lord Armand.

At left, traditionally the Queen has received a White Scarf as honorary Doņa and head of the Rapier community during Her reign. Since Queen Kayleigh is herself a true Doņa already (the first Ansteorran Queen with this distinction), her husband, King Alaric, receives the White Scarf in a slight break from tradition. On the right, the Dons & Doņas present swear their fealty to the Crown.

On the left, members of the populace who wished to were then given the chance to swear fealty as well. On the right, Her Majesty is amused by a comment from the populace.

At left, His Majesty of Trimaris did travel far to witness the coronation of his longtime friend. In a gracious display, His Majesty Alaric grants safe passage for the Trimarian monarch, inviting him to join and sit with him in the Ansteorran court. On the right, the King Mittion has come bearing gifts for Her Majesty Kayleigh as well as a gift of several gold chains for King Alaric's use if any future knights are found within Ansteorra's borders. (He seemed like a nice guy, to bad we'll have to kill him soon.)

At left, Lady Britta MacGreggor is made a member of the Royal Guard. On the right, all of the members of the Royal Guard, which was composed of members of both the chivalric and rapier communities and included a representative from each region within the kingdom.

On the left, showing exceptional prowess and having been undefeated on the day, Ritter Deitrich is called into court as the new King's Champion. VIVAT, Ritter Deitrich!!

At left, His Excellency Thegn Duncan (a new member of the Royal Guard) displeased the King when he was observed without his proper regalia. The King asked "Where is your Centurion's Cloak?" Thegn Duncan foolishly claimed "Your Majesty, I am not a Centurion". (By the way, His Majesty doesn't care to be called a liar. I wouldn't advise it.) His Majesty's anger brought a gathering of Centurions (with regalia) for their ignorant brother as Thegn Duncan was quickly made a member of their order. VIVAT!  On the right, in a rare occurrence indeed, His Majesty Alaric awards His Majesty of Trimaris an Ansteorran Sable Falcon for the prowess and honor that he had shown earlier in the day during the King's Champion Tournament. The Trimarian King fought all challengers and made challenges of his own and fought well in between the rounds of the list.

Mistress Stella Silvanna was called into court, along with her co-autocrat (Lady Arabella) and the feastocrat Master Petruccio to be recognized for their outstanding service to this event. In one of the best "gotcha's" I've witnessed, Mistress Stella was then given a well deserved Court Barony. On the right, VIVAT! Your Excellency! (My sincere thanks go to Lord Pieter for capturing this moment when I was unable.)

At left, members of Their Majesties Royal entourage, Brandi & Lord Virgil, squire to His Majesty. On the right, a rare shot indeed of our beloved (albeit camera shy) Baroness Dana Mac. (Something tells me I'm going to pay for this.)


Last photo by Lord Pieter Rausch

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