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Or, a Pile Inverted Gules, Two Amphora Vert and a Cupr Or
Lady Ameline du Bois

Lady Ameline du Bois - 08/2000Lord Armand Dragonetti - 08/2000

Sable, A Dragon Rampant Erminois
Lord Armand Dragonetti
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2000 Events


Tourney of the Rose 12/00
Dragonsfire Tor Yule 12/00
Battle of 3 Kings 11/00
Mendersham Defender 10/00
Bryn Gwlad Baronial 10/00
Royal Tatoos 09/00
Crown XLIV 10/00
Western Sentinel 10/00
Raven's Fort 09/00
Elfsea Defender 09/00
Wiesenfeuer Baronial 09/00
Gothic War IX 09/00
Pennsic XXIX 08/00
Lughnasad 08/00
Steppes Artisan 08/00
Queen's Champion 07/00
Coronation XLIII 07/00
Lindenwood's Ball 06/00
Scottish Highland Games 06/00
Steppes Warlord 05/00
Elfsea Springfaire 05/00
Dragonsfire Tor IX 05/00
Crown 43 - Apr 2000
Gulf War IX 2000
Baronial College 02/00
Queen's Champion 01/00
Bonwicke's 12th Night
Coronation XLII (Jan 2000)
Steppes 12th Night

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