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Photos in this section provided by Lady Arabella de Montacute.

At left, a shot from morning court finds the Vicar and Vicaress of Bordermarch, Sir Simon and Countess Tessa seated on the left. The herald is Don Modius standing to the left of Their Stellar Majesites, King Daffydd and Queen Octavia. At right, Centurian Wolf is prepared to lead the Arthurian Company in the day's melees.

On the left, the members of the Arthurian Company present this day. From the left, back row, is Bjorn, Marmaduke, Ld. Connor, Ld. Robert, Commander Wolf and one of the Company's founders, Baron Llywelyn standing behind Ld. Fearghus and moving to the left is HL Allesandre and Ld. Dragonetti. On the right, a shot from the mountain pass battle.

At left, the Bordermarch forces are gathering inside the castle to prepare it's defense. At right, the scum-sucking marauder's gather outside the castle before the imminent attack. The Arthurian Company (blue & gold) was also joined by another melee unit from Loch Sollier. (blue & red)

On the left, Centurian Wolf's Arthurian baldric can be seen just right of center. In front of him is Ld. Connor. Moving left, there's HL Allesandre, Ld. Dragonetti, Ld. Robert, Bjorn (with glaive), Mistress Stella and Lord Fearghus. In front of Stella is Lord Aradon in comand of Firefall's forces who have been working with the Arthurian's. On the right, having opened the castle gate, the marauder's prepare to charge in.

Photos in this section provided by Lord Evets von Drachenklaue.

At left, Lord Richard (wheelchair), the last survivor of the attacking forces in this ravine scenario, is about to defeat Count/Sir Simon of Amber Isle who has just been legged by Richard. At right, a shot of the second ravine battle with the Bordermarch contingent attacking (from the right).

On the left, two melee units were present and are preparing for the bridge battle. Loch Sollier's unit in blue/red and the Arthurian Company (Elfsea) in blue/gold. On the right, Her Grace, Duchess Alisha, marshaled during this castle battle.

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