Elfsea Springfaire
April 2001 Photos

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Images on this page provided by Lord Armand Dragonetti.

tSF01-034.jpg 4.4KtSF01-037.jpg 4.5K At left, next up was Don Robert & Edward Mercer. Notice the tabards in the background. Those are "prawns", where you might expect to see pawns. (Rapier + Pawns) Ahhhh. :-) At right, Lady Maria & Lord Sebastian have fun on the archery range.

tSF01-039.jpg 4.6KtSF01-041.jpg 4.5KAt left, Lord Wilim was nearby to ensure safety on the archery range. At right, Bearing water and other elixirs, Lady Brighid made sure Bjorn (as well as a few others) stayed healthy.

tSF01-045.jpg 4.3KtSF01-048.jpg 4.6KTo the left, Sir Romanius & Sir Gunthar faced off in the final round of Chivalric tournament sponsored by the Ladies of the Rose. (2nd of 3 chivalric tournaments to be fought this day.) To the right, King Jason and Queen Saereid, enjoyed the impressive displays of chivalry and honor they witnessed during this tournament.

tSF01-050.jpg 4.5KtSF01-058.jpg 3.8KOn the left, The Ladies of the Rose, Countesses Octavia, Sara, Maggie, Allyson, Kayleigh and Duchesses Willow and Larissa congratulate their first Chivalric Champion, Sir Romanius, with a refreshing drink after an extremely long final fight with Sir Gunthar. At right, Baroness Dana Mac.

tSF01-059.jpg 4.2KtSF01-061.jpg 4.1KLeft, there's Baroness Xene & Baroness Dana. At right, Lord David de la Roke and Lady Lavina.

tSF01-063.jpg 4.2KtSF01-066.jpg 3.4KAt left, a magnificent outdoor feast in one of the many isolated clearings at Tanglewood forest. At right, a quick shot of the Head table.

tSF01-068.jpg 3.4KtSF01-073.jpg 1.4K Most of the children had fun with this period activity. At right, during evening court, after years of service, Lady Bice was awarded the Sable Crane of Ansteorra!

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