Elfsea Springfaire
April 2001 Photos

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Images on this page provided by Lord Armand Dragonetti.

tSF01-005.jpg 4.4KtSF01-007.jpg 4.1KAt left, Elfsea's new baronial pavilion goes up for the first time. At right, His Excellency, Baron Galen welcomes everyone to Springfaire.

tSF01-010.jpg 4.4KtSF01-011.jpg 3.9KOn the left, Their Royal Majesties, King Jason & Queen Saereid did honor us with Their presence. At right, Lord Daire, Lady Medb, Lady Afan and Lord Bjorn receive Elfsea's Portcullis for exceptional service to the barony.

tSF01-014.jpg 4.3KtSF01-017.jpg 4.6K To the left, Sebastian, Elfsea's Rapier marshal receive his Award of Arms. Vivat Lord Sebastian! While on the right, Her Excellency Baroness Allessandre presents a well deserved Rising Star to Lauren of Elfsea, truly one of Ansteorra's rising stars.

tSF01-019.jpg 3.8KtSF01-020.jpg 4.0KLong since a rising star, now there's a lovely piece of regalia to serve as a grateful reminder. On the right, The autocrat, Lord Timothy of Glastinbury the day's schedule, packed activities to provide something for everyone.

tSF01-021.jpg 4.1KtSF01-024.jpg 4.5KAt left, Countess Kayleigh and Countess Allyson had words for the populace. At right, Her Highness Princess Larissa with a handful.

tSF01-028.jpg 4.4KtSF01-029.jpg 4.0K On the left, having heard of Lady Arabella's recent medical condition, His Majesty did kindly take time out to express His concern and support to Lord Fearghus, Lady Arabella's lord husband. On the right, there's HL Rosalia under Her Highnesses pavilion just before the Princess's Tea.

tSF01-030.jpg 4.5KtSF01-032.jpg 4.0K To the left, Lady Marguerite is speaking with Centurion Airaklee in front of the chess board that would be used in the live-chess matches to follow. At right, during the Rapier Chess match, Baroness Allessandre dueled with Sir Terans, barely missing him, but hitting the cameraman (me) instead.

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