Crown Tournament XLIV
October 2000 Photos

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Images on this page provided by Lady Ameline du Bois & Lord Armand Dragonetti.

tcr44-30.jpg 3.6Ktcr44-31.jpg 3.8KOn the left, Duke Jean Richard Malcomson and Baroness Genevra presents themselves before Their Majesties, as Duke Richard prepares to enter the final bout for crown. At right, Sir Jason McPhearson and Lady Saereid Valin Sigmundsdottir also go before Their Majesties before the final round gets underway.

tcr44-33.jpg 3.8Ktcr44-41.jpg 3.3KAt left, King Timo gives the combatants final instructions for the final bout, which is underway on the right.

tcr44-43.jpg 3.0Ktcr44-44.jpg 3.0KTo the left, Sir Jason gives His heir a kiss as he has just become heir to the crown of Ansteorra. At right, Rex and Regina Ansteorra crown Their heirs, Prince Jason McPhearson and Princess Saereid Valin Sigmundsdottir. VIVAT PRINCE! VIVAT PRINCESS! VIVAT ANSTEORRA!

tcr44-48.jpg 3.4Ktcr44-53.jpg 3.3K On the left, Duke Richard graciously adds his congratulations to Prince Jason, along with the rest of the Chivalry. At right, Lady Anezka, Mistress Stella, Wilim Penbras, Lady Violet of Glamorganshire, Austin of Elfsea and Lord Timothy of Glastonbury await the feast.

tcr44-65.jpg 3.8Ktcr44-66.jpg 3.6K At left and right, the Royal family prepares for feast. Below, we see His Majesty instructing the Prince on a favored technique for keeping the populace in line. If you look closely, you will see the missile (peanut) that His Majesty has just lobbed at a sleeping noble. (It's good to be the King.)

tcr44-67.jpg 3.6K

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