Crown Tournament XLI
1999 Photos

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Images and photo descriptions on this page provided by Lady Ameline du Bois.

On the left, the populace of Ansteorra has turned out to be processed into court and announce their desire to fight for the honor of crown and duty for Ansteorra. On the right, King Gunthar Jonsson and Queen Sara Penrose await the hopefuls.

At left, pictured next to the herald, Lord Antoine Dore of Bryn Gwlad, we see our own Baron Llywelyn Gruffydd who fought for Mistress Stella Silvana this day. Also, from Elfsea but not pictured here was Sir Drake fighting for HE Kayleigh. At right, Lady Afan appears pleased to be attended by Lord Dermott and Centurion Airaklee Wolf. Airaklee was honored by His Majesty who requested he fight as the 'bi'.  He nobly evened up the ranks and cut a bold stance. Many enjoyed his presence and fighting talents this day, although the ones he knocked out might have wished he had stayed at home.


On the left, here is Centurion Romanus fighting for this lovely lady in maroon (Sorry I did not get her name.) and Centurion Timotheous and 3/4 of his household. His young son is probably out slaying his own dragons. On the right, Baron Llywelyn and Sir Richard ap Morgan, in single elimination best 2 out of 3. Although Llywelyn fought bravely he was taken in the last brutal moments of the battle. The marshals in this shot from left to right are, Earl Barn, Ritter Dieterich, Sir Rhodri and Sir Henri.

At left, we find Sir Drake engaging a man with true field presence whom, again, I do not know. On the right, Sir Maximillian Muhleisen (in his highly polished helm) is defeated by Don Miguel (in his red Centurion's cape).

On left and right, we see Cent. Timotheous (blue/white) fighting the deadly 'bi', Cent. Airaklee Wolf (florentine). Timo was victorious in the end, but victory was not quick, requiring the 3rd match in this best of 2 out of 3. Although from the same round, I enjoyed both of these photos and the grand exchange.

At left, Cent. Romanus and Graf Galen Kirchenbauer. On the right, in a 3rd round battle of Centurians, a spiffy Don Miguel in his red cape and Timotheous in blue and white. Timo was victorious.

The final four.

At left, the Baroness of Stargate, Mistress Neassa the Obstrperous (in green) and Mistress Elisenna de Bayonne (in red) are bravely watching their lords. While on the right, the men fighting for their honor, Sir Alexis le Blouch (in blue and feathers) and Sir Godwin of Eddington (in red). How the blows and the feathers flew in this valiant battle. But as the dust settled, Sir Godwin was the victor.

Here, Sir Daffydd (in black & white) and Centurion Timotheous (blue & white) fought a good battle with many blows, but Sir Daffydd came out victorious. As this was one of the final four, I think the Chivalry have chosen well by naming Timotheous worthy of joining their brotherhood. Cent. Timo will be knighted at Steppes Warlord. Vivat!

The final battle for the crown.

At left, before the final battle, after saluting their ladies and their king, the combatants were asked to salute the one they would make their subject. Sir Daffydd and Sir Godwin go round and round, blow by blow. But in the end.....there can be only one. And the one was Sir Daffydd!  On the right, the knights salute the valiant effort by Sir Godwin.

On the left, as per tradition, Sir Godwin got the 2nd place cheese cake. Then, at right, a lovely kiss from his lady who is the queen of his heart, (much better than cheese cake).

On the left, under the shade of a beautiful oak, Lady Octavia is greeted by her lord, Sir Daffydd. I am told Octavia does not watch her lord in battle for fear of curses and omens she might bring him and therefore was unaware of his victory until this moment. She was overjoyed and danced circles around her lord. So many in fact that she had to pause before kneeling before Their Majesties due to dizziness. At right, the couple embrace in excitement and joy.

At left, the King and Queen crown the new Prince and Princess as the sun seems to kiss their crowns. (This photo was not enhanced for this effect.) At right, Prince Daffydd and Princess Octavia are presented to the populace. VIVAT Prince! VIVAT Princess! VIVAT Ansteorra!

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