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December 1999 Photos

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Photos on this page by Lord Dragonetti.

At left, Lady Genevieve de la Gamba won the Artisan competition to become Dragonsfire Tor's Titled Artisan. At right, a shot of a few of the artisan entries.

Here a couple more shots from the artisan's competition. 

At left, one more shot from the competition. At right, several of the leaders of Elfsea beginning on the left with Their Excellencies of Elfsea, Baron Llywelyn, Baroness Xene, then facing Their Excellencies are their seneschals, Lady Aurelia, Seneschal of the Incipient College of Three Bridges. Lord Caelin, Elfsea's seneschal.  Lady Desiree, Dragonsfire Tor's seneschal (who received her AoA at this event, Vivat!). And Santa, er, Loch Ruadh's seneschal, Lord Padraig. Arnbjorn is in the middle in green.

On the left, Lady Nicolette shows off her new garb. On the right, Centurion Wolf, sporting a new favor received for service to Dragonsfire Tor.

At left, Baron Llywelyn and Baroness Xene. On the right, Baroness Xene is holding Dragonsfire Tor's service award to be presented to Centurion Wolf.

On the left, Lord Daniel of Cameron receives a Portcullis for his service to Elfsea. On the right, Lady Nicolette also receives a Portcullis for her service. (Not pictured, Lord Fearghus also received a portcullis for his outstanding service to the barony.)

At left, Baroness Xene presents Brianna Daulfen with a Rising Star of Ansteorra. At right, (Ceinwen's daughter) also received the Rising Star of Ansteorra.

At left, Baron Llywelyn and Baroness Xene were gracious enough to pose for a photo with Alex (in front) and Austin of Elfsea, along with Mr. Bear from Austin's school. At right, Mr. Bear was thrilled to meet Harold Shield-Bear and hear of his many adventures.

On the left, the Minister of Children, Lady Ameline, kept the children entertained. Here they have created an ocean to watch their fish get tossed about in.

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