Queen's Champion
January 2003 Photos

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Images on this page provided by Lady Ameline du Bois.

tqc0301-01.jpg 4.0Ktqc0301-02.jpg 3.5KThe list mistresses, that kept the Queen's Champion tournament running so smoothly. A scrumptious side board awaited those in attendance..


tqc0301-04.jpg 4.2Ktqc0301-05.jpg 4.3KThe autocrats, Lord Timothy and Lady Anezka, find a moment to relax. Her Majesty Conal looked ravishing as she held audience with members of the populace.


tqc0301-06.jpg 3.8Ktqc0301-07.jpg 3.7KAs both King and Queen are accomplished with the rapier, serving as the Queen's Champion is an honor that was hotly contested. Evident by the caliber and number of Dons, cadets and others there to compete.


tqc0301-08.jpg 3.2Ktqc0301-09.jpg 4.1KThere is HL Fearghus and Lady Honor du Bois, tending the gate. Queen Conal seems quite pleased with the activities of the day.

tqc0301-10.jpg 3.5Ktqc0301-11.jpg 3.5KLord Seamus (on the left) and Lord Caelin (on the right) tend to the sideboard along with Mistress Rhiannon from Rosenfeld. At right, one of a precious few images of the day's battles.

tqc0301-13.jpg 3.8Ktqc0301-15.jpg 3.5KLady Ameline, Lady Rixende and Lady Genvieve had fun with the populace by dressing the same. Can we say, "Fabric Sale?" At right, the populace assembles for court.

tqc0301-16.jpg 4.1Ktqc0301-17.jpg 4.3KHer Majesty thanked all the combatants before the winner was announced. It was Don Edward Mercer that won the honor of presiding as the Queen's Champion. Vivat, Don Edward!


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