Coronation XLVIII
January 2003 Photos

Page 1 King's Champion Battle
Page 2 Mistress Morgan Cain's Elevation to the Order of the Pelican
Page 3 Final Court of Their Majesties, King Patrick Michael & Queen Julia
Page 4 The Coronation of Their Majesties, King Miguel and Queen Conal
Page 5 Fealty is sworn & the Elevation of Mistress Sara Penrose to the Order of the Laurel.
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Images on this page provided by Lord Armand Dragonetti.

tc031-001.jpg 4.3Ktc031-003.jpg 3.7KAt left, Master Airaklee and Sir Gideon battle to the ground in the King's Champion tournament. At right, Lady Eleanor battles Countess Britta.

tc031-005.jpg 3.5Ktc031-008.jpg 3.7KApproaching with Great Swords is (l) Lord William de Moley, Squire to Duke Patrick Michael and (r)Lord Owen ap Aeddan ap Trahaearn ap Llewellyn ap Gruffudd ap Gwent ap Bredd ap Camden ap Anarward, Squire to Sir Burke. Lord Tomas is wants Ritter Erazmus to get a close up look at his axe's butt-spike.

tc031-009.jpg 3.5Ktc031-010.jpg 3.3KCenturion Virgil prepares to counter-strike Centurion Jean-Paul. Centurion Ysfael faces Lord Louie.

tc031-012.jpg 3.5Ktc031-013.jpg 3.7KCenturion Daniel de Bourdon has legged Viscount Ivan Hightower. Lord Daire de Haye defends against Lady Eleanor.

Lord Tomas pins the weapons of Lord Ricardo Esteban de Salamanca with his axe as he throws a killing wrap shot. Lady Ameline (w/hat) and Lord Tomas' Lady Rixende are watching closely.
tc031-015.jpg 3.4K

tc031-017.jpg 3.2Ktc031-018.jpg 2.7KA medieval test pattern retreats. But Jean-Paul!? The ladies love your tights.

tc031-027.jpg 3.4Ktc031-028.jpg 2.3KHis Highness, Prince Miguel has words for Countess Britta and Centurion Virgil just before the begin the final battle of His King's Champion tournament. Prince Miguel asserts that he is pleased with the finalists and believe either would make an admirable King's Champion.

tc031-032.jpg 3.5Ktc031-033.jpg 3.8KMany blows were exchanged during this lengthy final round. In the end, Centurion Virgil emerged victorious and knelt before His Highness Miguel, in the presence of His Majesty King Patrick Michael.

Centurion Virgil, King's Champion.
tc031-035.jpg 3.3K

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